Volunteers play a vital role in the running of our club. There are many different tasks that a volunteer can  perform, these include, coach, scorer, umpire, canteen, coach support at training and on game day.

As with any club  assistance is always sort and we would ask that you please lend a hand during the season in any of  these  essential volunteer positions. If you can help please let the Committee know.

Coaching, How to get your Coaching accreditation and what levels are available?

Any person coaching in a Queensland affiliated baseball competition must have the appropriate accreditation:

The first step is completing the free Australian Sports commission's online "General Principles Beginning Coaching " assessment

Level 1-2 accreditation; TBall and Minor Ball coaches.The Level 1 Coach Accreditation Course is compulsory for any head coach, who coaches Baseball i.e. Little League to Senior Baseball inclusive.

Level 3-4 accreditation; Littlle League and above , Level 4 is the highest accreditation available in Australia and eligible to coach across all levels in Australia

Detailed information on coaching accreditation is available at; http://tinyurl.com/zrojdlp


Scorers are required for every level of baseball. There are different levels for different grades of baseball.  The levels of scoring are as follows:

Level O 

For persons with no baseball scoring background to introduce them to the basics of baseball scoring to enable them to score a game at the entry club level.

Level 1 

For persons wishing to score on a more regular basis, expanding their scoring ability and knowledge  of scoring techniques whilst complying with the rules of baseball scoring  including:-scoresheet competency, symbols, introduction to colours and basic statistics, interpretations eg wild pitch/ passed ball, hit/error etc

An official accredited scorer is required for teams in competitions from Little League to Senior league.

Aussie Tball and Rookie ball do not require an official accredited scorer.


All umpires from Little League to Senior Baseball must minimally hold the Level 0 Umpires Accreditation Rules of baseball require the home team to provide the home plate umpire and the away team to supply the base umpire.

Code of Conduct

All players, spectators/parents and club officials are required to adhere to the Baseball Queensland and club Codes of Conduct. Breaching these codes can be costly to both you and the club.

Blue Card

It is a legal requirement that all volunteers such as coaches, scorers, canteen staff or anyone that assists with children to obtain a Blue Card. The Blue Card is free to all volunteers, all you need to do is complete the Application form and return to the club Secretary. Forms can be obtained from the club or at www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/.../bluecard/applications

Game Day

The coach will have the team warm up prior to the game so on game day all players will need to be at the game at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the game, complete with uniform, glove, cap, water bottle & sunscreen. Should your youngster not be able to play it is important to notify your coach if possible 24 hours before hand. If a team has 7 players or less then they cannot play and the team forfeits. With notice the coaches in many cases can make adjustments so that the team can still play which is great for all the other players on the team. Should a team forfeit the club gets hit with a financial penalty  from the GCBA.