Club Information


The canteen is an integral part of the club and is one of our most important revenue sources. The revenue gained from the canteen will go back into the club to fund things such as new equipment and facilities. Any and all help in the canteen is gratefully accepted and will only have to do so for approximately an hour. The canteen will be open from 8am on game day and close after the last scheduled game.

Sunscreen/Water/Insect Repellent

Baseball is a summer sport and in Queensland summer is hot and the sun is very strong. The club recommends that all players apply sunscreen prior to the game to prevent sunburn. It is also advisable to apply or have handy insect repellent as summer also means mossies and flies. A water bottle is essential for all players.

Field Marking/Ground Set-Up

On game day at our home ground the coach/s that are scheduled to play the first game are required to setup the ground for play. This includes marking the lines on the playing diamond, putting rubbish bins out, setting up scorers tent, putting out chairs at the dugouts and canteen. This is a lot of work for the coach to do in the limited time before the game starts, as well as warming up the team and getting line-ups and score books completed. The club asks that parents come to the ground to help the coach, the coach will be able to give an indication of what time they will begin setting up.


Should you have any concerns with an on-field issue you must contact the correct person to have the issue resolved. Please speak initially with the teams coach first and discuss the issue, however, if this does not resolve the issue you approach the Junior Coordinator. If your issue is an off-field one, you please contact the clubs committee first.


You should be aware that there are risks of injury associated with playing baseball, as there are with most sports. 


As with all junior sporting clubs, our club relies on sponsorship to continue the club’s growth. If you are able to help the club with sponsorship please see the committee for a sponsorship package. Money from sponsorship will go towards uniforms for Aussie TBall and Rookie ball grades, as well as equipment and resources for the whole club.


The club has the latest insurance information from the ABF. Please note that there is no ambulance cover in this policy. All senior players are encouraged to take out loss of income insurance for themselves personally. PLEASE NOTE: that without insurance coverage players are not permitted to do any on field training or game play. Once fees are paid which includes the insurance coverage players are free to train and play.

Presentation Day

Approximately 2 weeks after the end of the Junior Season the Club will host a Presentation Day. The date and venue will be advised toward the end of the season.



The Club will endeavour to have various fundraising activities throughout the season. Please support the club in these fundraising activities as any money raised will be put straight back into the club in order to keep the facilities and equipment current and safe.

Smoking Near Children

Since 1 January 2005, smoking is illegal within 10 metres of children's outdoor playground equipment situated at a place that is ordinarily open to the public. Please be mindful of the affects  that passive smoking can have on children and move away from the playing/canteen areas while smoking.