Summer Season Information

T-Ball  - Total Fee $130

  • Training all season Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Training Commencing 9th October
  • Game days Friday evenings


  • Rookie Ball - Total Fee $150
  • Training all season Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Training Commencing 9th October
  • Game days Friday evenings


  • Little League Minors and Majors - Total Fee $280
  • Training all season Tuesdays & Thursdays 4.30pm-6pm
  • Training Commencing 12th Sept
  • Game days Saturday


  • Junior League  - Total Fee $330
  • REGULAR SEASON TRAINING- Tuesdays & Thursdays 4.30pm to Finished,
  • Commencing 12th September
  • Game days Saturday


  • Senior League  and Big League-Total Fee $380
  • PRESEASON TRAINING-  Commencing 12th September
  • REGULAR SEASON TRAINING- Wednesdays & Thursdays 4.30pm to Finished  
  • Game days Saturday
  • Coaches - James Foxwell and Kahleb Williams


  • Adult League  Total Fee $400
  • Training all season Wednesdays 4.30pm to finished 
  • Training Commencing 12th September 
  • Game days Sunday


All Times subject to Change

  • Key Dates
  • 10th October 2019 Season Starts (10 Rounds)

The summer season starts normally the first Saturday in October and finshes March including finals. There are no junior games played during school holidays

Winter Season runs from April to September


All uniform items must be paid for prior to them being taken. The club has an EFTPOS machine to take payments at the club.

Personal Equipment

The wearing of a protective box for men or women is recommended for all players. Other items such as bats and helmets are supplied by the club in the form of a team kit. If the player wishes to use their own bat or helmet ensure that all items are labelled or engraved with the name/phone number and the bat is regulation size.

The club recommends that players do not bring their own baseballs to training as they seem to always get lost!

Wet Weather

It is at the coaches discretion as to whether training will be cancelled in the event of wet or inclement weather. In the event of training cancellation, this will be done via Team App and FaceBook. Please ensure you have Team App on your smartphone.

On game day the club’s ground curator will determine if the field is playable or not and advise coaches should wet weather be an issue. This process is conducted 2 hours before the first game is scheduled to start, so coaches will not have information prior to the 2 hour mark regarding ground closure. Each club in the GCBA is responsible for notifying the opposing club if  their field is closed and upon notification the coach will contact players/parents. Ground closure messages are notified via Team App and FaceBook.


Mandatory insurance is included in the registration fees. Please note that there is no ambulance cover in this policy. All senior players are encouraged to take out loss of income insurance for themselves personally. PLEASE NOTE: that without insurance coverage players are not permitted to do any on field training or game play. Once fees are paid which includes the insurance coverage players are free to train and play.


All players will have a training session during the week. Training sessions usually last for approximately 2 hours. Training days for each team can be found on the clubs website home page throughout the course of the baseball season.

Season Fixture

The season’s fixture is put out by Gold Coast Baseball Association and can be viewed before the commencement of the season at