Runaway Bay Baseball Club


Through guidance and leadership of the children in the community area, develop and promote the sport of baseball. 


To be recognised and respected as one of the premier youth sports organisations on the Gold Coast. 

Guiding Principles
Our Children
Children are the only reason we exist. We coach them, teach them the rules of baseball, encourage good sportsmanship and strive to provide a quality sports program that they will enjoy as youths and remember throughout their lives. 

Our Coaches
Our coaches are the building blocks of our organisation. This 100% volunteer group is wholly dedicated to providing a supervised, structured learning experience. 

The quality of our program is no stronger than our weakest league. Therefore, we strive to work together as an entire organisation to promote civility, good sportsmanship and fairness in all our leagues. 

We are a non-profit organization that operates on player fees, donations and fundraisers. We never turn away a child who cannot afford to play and work with their parents or guardians to resolve the matter. 

We are dedicated to maintaining a strong relationship with the community, giving back directly through donations and volunteer service.